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We are an independent fast-growing exhibition and events organizer. Aside from our own events we organize events along with partners or on commission. Lifestyle Events was founded in 2011 and is owned and run by Peter Näsman with more than 30 years of experience from the exhibition industry.

In 2017 we organized Sweden’s largest motoring event – Stockholm Motor Weekend! This was the second time we filled the Stockholm Exhibition Centre to the brim with three top-of the line shows!

In 2011 we launched Stockholm Lifestyle Motor Show and the first show was held alongside MC Mässan in 2013. The show centres around new cars and is the active motorist’s choice. It focuses on the joy and pleasure of driving, new trends, design and new technology. Stockholm Lifestyle Motor Show is organized by Lifestyle Events in cooperation with Sweden’s largest Motor magazine publishing house Albinsson & Sjöberg. Stockholm Lifestyle Motor Show is held alongside MC Mässan and Bilar som jobbar.

We organize on behalf of the Swedish Motorcycle Industry Association its annual and immensely popular show, MC Mässan. The show has become an institution among the motorcycle community with visitors traveling from near and far to visit the show. in 2015 we introduced Powersport as the new theme to the exhibition witch focuses on the joy and recreational value of driving not only motorcycles, but also a wide range of vehicles such as scooters, snowmobiles, ATV:s, jet boats, personal watercrafts and powerbikes. MC Mässan is held togeter with Stockholm Lifestyle Motor Show and Bilar som jobbar in January 2017.

We also organize, on behalf of the Stockholm Exhibition Centre Bilar som jobbar, which is Sweden’s most important event for light commercial vehicles, LCV, When the event premiered in 2011, it proved extremely popular and it was also held as a stand-alone event in 2013. January 2015 was the fist time Bilar som jobbar joined Stockholm Lifestyle Motor Show and MC Mässan.

Our next show is the Motorcycle show in Gothenburg. Come see us January 25-28, 2018 at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Central Gothenburg.

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